Risks covered

The cover offered by Assurpol is aimed at all professionals (natural or legal persons) carrying out an activity that poses a risk to the environment: site operators (and related off-site activities) as well as service providers acting on behalf of third parties.

Assurpol currently covers a wide range of players:

  • Site operators: refineries, service stations, paper manufacturing, woodworking, metal surface treatment workshops, the textile industry, the food industry, logistics platforms, office buildings, shops, the sewerage and waste management sector, etc.
  • Service providers: consultants, experts, design and engineering firms, maintenance companies, construction companies, development companies, brownfield redevelopment companies, building rehabilitation or restructuring companies (asbestos removal, pipe renewal, etc.)
  •  Local authorities: municipalities, conurbation communities, public hospitals, single or multi purpose Joint Authority or intercommunal syndicate
  • Owners: for all types of construction sites
  • Public works companies: builders, including intellectual services

Reinsurance offers


Assurpol offers members the possibility of covering their portfolio of environmental risks:

  • Share or XS,
  • For a portfolio or for a specific population of risks: companies, local authorities, public institutions, etc.
  • Possible on the member’s policy wording or on any insert or specifications
  • It is possible to study a scope of cover or risk profile specific to each member.


Assurpol offers member insurers the possibility of taking out cover on a case-by-case basis on the basis of optional reinsurance.
The cover offered is the same as in a treaty.
The scope of cover can be optionally extended to cover transport operations, directors’ and officers’ liability, waste delivered, certain activities relating to asbestos and the spreading of sludge.

Assurpol’s standard cover is comprehensive in more ways than one:

  • In terms of guarantees, with cover for environmental damage that makes no distinction between gradual and accidental damage.
  • In terms of targets, with an offer tailored to all the needs of companies, service providers and local authorities
  • In terms of territoriality, with worldwide cover distinguishing between three major geographical zones: the European Union, World wilde except USA/Canada, the United States/Canada

Claims management

Role of the member

  • Investigates the claim: choice of expert, conduct of proceedings, settlements, etc.
  • Notifies Assurpol of the claim, provides the necessary documents and keeps Assurpol informed of any developments.

Assurpol’s role

  • Decides only on the scope and amount of cover set out in the reinsurance agreement between the Pool and the ceding company, and not on the original policy.
  • No Pool authorisation is required for a ceding company to indemnify its insured
  • Settles claims on the basis of supporting documents

A “tailor-made” offer is also possible!
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